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Bad Science Blogs is an online hub focused on scientific developments. Learn the latest scientific innovations, debunk myths and know the facts with us.

We also empower our readers by equipping them with the knowledge needed to get the most out of life. From learning how to update your phone to how the physics of cars work, we’re here to inform you.

It’s not just about bad science; it’s all about triggering your wonder, encouraging your curiosity and letting you get your hands dirty, too.

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Understand (And Appreciate) Your World Better

We break down the hard facts for you. We believe that for people to love science more, they must understand it. 

Our blog explains the latest technology news or update in a universal language that everyone can understand. Whether we’re explaining how to install a light switch or how artificial intelligence works, Bad Science Blogs explains everything in a jargon-free way, so you can easily understand. 

Our content is easy-to-digest but still offers the depth of information you need to succeed or to appreciate how the world works.

Here at Bad Science Blogs, we explain everything to you. If you have questions, our website has all the answers you need.

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Meet Our Authors

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Graham Coates

Electrical engineer Graham doesn’t like long sentences, so he describes himself using the following terms: Lifelong student. Avid reader. Total web guru. General problem solver.

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Marcus Winston

Marcus is a web designer, cybersecurity expert and your all-around “web guy next door.” When he’s not fixing bugs or catching up on the latest cyber trends, Marcus plays Mario Kart with his twin brother, Manny.

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Lana Houston

Chemistry teacher Lana is a sucker for science. Apart from teaching kids the beauty of substances and how their properties interact, she volunteers for the local tree-planting group in her neighborhood.

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